Become a better airline for your crew with Rosterize
Discover how high tech disrupts the civil aviation industry using Artificial Intelligence for crew-friendly rostering.
What we do
We provide crew-friendly schedule optimization service, which helps small and medium-sized airlines to decline crew cost up to 10%.
How it works
You provide us with your data
  • Crew reference data, such as licence details, home base, special contract's terms.
  • Actual and projected crew schedules, including ground and rests.
  • Hotel and projected repositioning information.
  • Set of options to align the service results with an airline strategy.
We run Rosterize – Artificial Intelligence optimization engine
Rosterize finds a compromise between pilots needs, aviation rules and company priorities.
How to meet all parties needs and requirements?
We associate all options and preferences with financial equivalent and discover the maximum value. A broad set of schedule options available: different kinds of FD and rest periods, schedule sustainability, rosters equivalence. GDS integration provides the service with additional PAX options.
You get more than just a crew-friendly schedule...
  • Pairings, duty periods and detailed rosters, including positioning, rest and days free-of-duty.
  • Recommendations regarding optimal PAX and hotel reservations.
  • Smart and robust schedule fewer positioning and travel expenses, decreased crew turnover leads to slow cost growth.
Benefits for an Airline, crew members and crew planning team
Crew cost declines up to 10%
Decreased turnover
Robust schedule
Flight crew
Enjoy work-life balance
Professional development
Crew planning team
Avoid dull and tedious duties
Focus on strategy
Why Rosterize?
The Best value for money
  • Free of the initial cost
  • No licenses and hardware
  • Monthly fee depends on a number of the crew members
Streamlined and simplified the crew planning process
  • No more pairings
  • Flight schedule and Crew Data give an optimal roster
  • Improved crew planning team focused on strategy
Born to be Digital
  • DevOps and CI/CT approach
  • Prompt integration via Open API standards
  • Easy to support
Cutting edge technologies
  • We use the best option for each component of the solution
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Open-source friendly
Managed service
  • No tech team expected
  • 1 hour installation
  • Unlimited scalability
Have a look at the demo video of Rosterize in action
Our contacts
Get in touch! We would be glad to collaborate with any participants in the industry.
Are you a member of a crew planning team?
Mind answering a few questions? We are currently conducting a survey to gain insights from the industry practitioners and make Rosterize even better!
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